Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Have you noticed the way

Some people travel

Even before they have

Reached the first leg of

Their journey

They are planning their next

And the next

And the next

And they don’t even know

When the journey ended

And they came back home

And people flock to them

With questions

How, where, when, what

It was too short

Too rushed

No we couldn’t go there

Yes but we couldn’t see much

Hardly worth it

Nothing like home

We were dying for rajmah chawal

Do you know they put

Sambar powder in it there

Do you know they add coconut

To bhelpuri there

Nothing like home

Finally the question that was never asked


Why did you travel at all

But we like to travel

You get to see new things

You get to meet all kinds of people

You get to eat different kinds of food

But didn’t you just say there was no time

To see anything

People spoke a strange tongue

Rajamah chawal was not the way you make it

Yes, but don’t you know

In this day and age

Travel is the only way of

Keeping up with the joneses

It is my ticket for inclusion