Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ammamommy we need some TLC in our lives

Lets buy ourselves a dog

By TLC I presume tender loving care?

Of course we are both becoming calcified

Dog will thaw us

So we found Mocha

All of 37 days old

We had a choice

A bubbly bouncy boy

Or a docile gentle-eyed girl

And girl it was without discussion

Ammamommy, labradors are very friendly, gentle

Not like simba I hope

Who first bit and then barked

No no labs are good dogs around children

Its is six months now

what we have is

A beautiful, playful, vibrant

Manipulative she-devil

Who managed to jump off the second floor

Chasing a squirrel

At 40 days of age mercifully

there are no bones

So none to break

And survived to tell the tale

Now filled with attitude

Seen it all done it all

A tanker full of TLC

Trooper. Leonine. Champion.

Ammamommy we need some TLC in our lives

Of the mocha kind

To infuse faith in us