Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Appa you won

The way you made me

Internalize the nuances of English grammar

they stay with me even when I’m remembering pain

Bold and the beautiful and broken bone


I will always remember the first time

He broke my bone

Even as I was watching this mind-numbing serial on television

It took him longer

To break my spirit

And twenty three years later when I tell people

I still meet him over a drink

Everyone says how can you

Don’t you remember

all that he heaped on you

you should feel bitter

And I’m thinking

If I continue to feel bitter

That means I am still giving him control of my life

And if I’m willing to do that why did I make him my ex?

When I smile across the table at him

It is my victory

It is my sanity

I don’t do it because I am this

Nice forgiving woman

I do it to tell myself

I have successfully exorcised him