Wednesday, April 23, 2008


At work I know

They said I was a

Good change manager

That does not mean

I should be so

At home

It also does not mean

I should be perennially

In the throes of change

I remember

Asking my boss

Let me put my feet up

I am tired of

Living out of


waking up in strange

hotel rooms

each time struggling

with a concept

and building

a biz around it

and he said

feet up is feet out

you will

tire of it

boredom will

drive you out

I don’t want to lose you

So castors will remain

Weird logic

To stay rooted

Keep me on the move

Home seems to be imitating work

Just when I begin to

Get used to something

The furniture is re-arranged

New curtains are hung

Paintings change places

Change seems to be the

Only order in my life