Thursday, April 3, 2008


I know the power of the written word

That’s how I got carried away

When he strung them into

This enticing

Crochet of what could be

I let those words seduce me

They say paintings in galleries

Hear the most idiotic things

I think even those who are

Deafened by evocative words

Hear the most idiotic things

they say to themselves

the right word is more potent

than the first touch

it singes you

and leaves you incapable

of settling for anything else

and when the tapestry comes apart

the colours bleed

the magic hangs limp

you go back to the words

and wonder why they

ring so hollow

how come you didn’t notice

their emptiness

why didn’t you see that they were strung in a hurry


riot of haphazard colours

only because it was meant to catch your eye

knowing that you are colour-blind

how could you let him seduce you with words

he borrowed