Monday, April 7, 2008


I love driving

It is both cathartic

And exhilarating

Especially long distances

On highways

I love turning the music on

High volume

And sing along

He and I

Loved driving

He always said

We will share

But I should drive at least

A mile more

Man’s pride and all that

Our best vacations were

Driving ones

So much to talk

He sang well too

With feeling

And in all those years

I never felt

Travel fatigue

You and I did just one trip together

It was the stuff

Nightmares are made of

You are a

Bad passenger

Tense driver

When you said

Don’t switch on music

It disturbs me

I was stunned

When you said don’t talk

It disturbs me

I was dismayed

I thought

How will I ever travel with you

Who has

No words

No song

In him

That is our epitaph

The journey is silence