Monday, June 16, 2008

in memory of

How would I like to be


I have been

Different things


Different people

So they will remember me


If my parents

Outlive me

I will be

The one who

Never did

Anything right

I would like

My teachers

To remember me

For my word mettle

My bosses

As a doer

My team

As a nurturer

My students

As someone

Who enjoyed teaching


She enjoyed learning

My friends

As someone

Who always bounced back

My daughter

As someone

Who lived and loved for her

Button-nosed doll

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Of late

I have noticed

I like myself better

I can sit

In the suffusing


Of my drawing room

And listen to my own silence


Giving it

A twisted

Or warped




I am beginning

To court

My calm

From within

All that churn

Of all those years

Finally seems to have


A treasure-house

No more crying



I wasted

Pearls before pigs

I am harvesting them now

The oyster and I

We are partners

I look at my life

In the eye


And say

You have been good to me

Even when I didn’t know it

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It is a travesty

Of the human psyche

When we are young

We are in tremendous hurry

To be grown-ups



That is a promised land

Untold freedom

No questions asked

No curfew

Just the overwhelming


Of yourself

When we grow old

We desperately want

To be young


That is la la land

We inject the wrinkles

Off our skin

We paint

Our bedraggled

Strands of hair

Coaxing them

Not to reveal

Their true colors

We prop all things

That are befriending gravity


And when people say

You don’t look your age

we bite our tongue down to

Throttle the


That’s raring to

Get vocal

Why cant we


What we are

At that point in time

I remember

A young friend's wisdom

When our dog was

a few days old

she said

enjoy her ‘pup’ stage

you will never get it back

don’t be in a hurry

for her

to grow up

that’s how she will be

for the rest of her life

as a pup on the other hand

is a very small window

savor every minute

if only we knew

victories in life

are when you flow

with the tide

swimming against

is over-rated

gender bonding

When I was young

I took pride in saying

I don’t get along

With other women

Guys are so much easier to

be with

it was fashionable

being one of the boys

now with salt-pepper

in my hair

I find it


To connect

With other women

You should see my friends

So different not just from me

But from each other


Career choices


Life’s lessons

Passions and prejudices



Chalk and cheese

Yet over the years

The bonds we have forged

Have grown stronger

In the face of

Ravages of time


Our being women

Seems to have over-ridden

All else

Our lowest common denominator

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

plan Z

People used to say

If everyone has

Plan B

I always have

Plan Z

I have let

People think

I am smart


The truth is

I have taken

So many

Seriously hard knocks

My life has been

Such dangerous territory

Forever cruising

Along the


Which voided out

No road

Remaining the way it did

At the start post

Road map

Almost as if

A child doodled


As if

He was laughing at me

There is a

Yiddish expression

Man plans

God laughs

Made with me

In mind

So much so


I may not have a

Plan A at all

But I will have

All the redundancies

In place