Saturday, April 12, 2008


Everyone has

Always assumed

That I am

The strong one

I don’t need


In office

Late night parties

They would say

Can you please

Drop the girls home

And I would ask myself

How come no one wants

To drop me home

I am a girl too

So I got

Used to not

Letting on

How vulnerable I was

I shed copious tears

But always when

No one was looking

At some point

I began to believe

In this

Super-woman act

Weak moments

Were history

Always logical

Always dependable

Always dutiful

No one asked me

Where is the surge of love

The dalliance with feeling

The swell of emotion

There was too much of it

Going around anyway


This was uber cool

And suddenly you

Turn the tables on me and

Expect me to

Re-invent myself ?

At your own peril.

Perception is not just

How you see me

But also how I make you see me