Monday, April 14, 2008


You have stood in the drizzle

When the little

Raindrops fall

You crane your neck upwards


it’s a heady feeling




may your life

be that lovely feeling

go after it

catch that raindrop

on the tip of your nose

balance it

save it

savour it

dreams are useless in themselves

it is we who give them meaning



some idiot said

dreams are

opposite of reality

they are the starting point

destination is reality

to sculpt what was just a

silhouette in your head

to let an idea

jump off the drawing board

to go after it

because that was the whole

point in dreaming, right

the purpose

what good is a dream

if one didn’t pursue

it to make it

come true

moral of the story

you can have as many dreams

look upon each as a


and one day

we will frame every one of them

put our arms around each other

reminisce about each of them

the angst, the vertigo

the footprints that looked stronger

as they climbed up

the calm

as dreams turned to


and i will say, yes baby

you are the stuff

your dreams

are made of