Friday, April 4, 2008


The first ever poem I wrote was about you

Way back in college

When I hadn’t physically conceived you

But you were very much

There in my head

The first ever song I wrote

Was your lullaby

Maybe I knew

You would be too biased to

Critique me

Rap me on my knuckle

And say stop singing

Let me sleep!

You could have said

Mama lullabies

Are meant to make babies sleep

Yours is keeping me

Wide awake

But you were always kind

You went to sleep

Inspite of

I think even then

You knew I meant well

I may not always

Serve the purpose

But my heart is in the right place

And I have only your well-being

Remember this

Because as you grow older

There will be times when

not everything I say

Is what you want to hear

You will knit your brows

You will get defensive

You will say

Mama allow me

To make my mistakes

And I will say baby

Remember the lullaby