Monday, April 7, 2008


No one blinder than the one who

Refuses to see

The writing was there

On the wall

As you used to say

Bold and underlined and in red

I was supposed to be the bride

And you looked through me

As if I was

Nothing more than

A fixture which was there

Because you didn’t know

Where else to put it

I remember with wet mehendi

On my hand and feet

I came to you

Just to connect

With the old magic

And for a minute

I thought

I had come to the

wrong address

it was as if I was


sadly that’s the only thing

I can remember

About my stay with you

I told myself

You probably don’t touch me

Because I am invisible

You don’t talk to me

Who talks to invisible people

You know what

If you could make someone

As strong-willed as me

Feel so vulnerable

In so short a time

You really are


I got carried away when

You went on your bended knee

In front of all our family and friends

And slipped the ring up my finger

I should have known that you

Were as fake as the diamond on it

Anjum asked me

After I came away

Is there one reason

That makes it worth

Going back to him

And I thought and thought

All I came up with was

If he had spoken

To me even once


I would have

If he had touched me

Even once


I would have

If only if only

You lived your entire life

Devoid of meaning

Marrying me

Was just another of them

Aimless purposeless

Meaningless acts

The tragedy is not that

my things are broken

The tragedy is I can’t ever

mend them again