Saturday, April 12, 2008

thank you

For years

I had a long wish list

He should get a promotion

She should be top of her class

We should buy the

New holiday package

To bali

Even if I hate water

It should include snorkeling

Even if the sun

Is unkind to my skin

I should look beach-tanned

Not in a spa

And then one day

We were

Three minus one

And somehow my wish list


And in its place

Came a thank you note

Thank you god

For taking care of us

For showing us the way

Thank you for everything

And ganesha said

What happened to your wish list

And I said

You left nothing for me to wish for

For years

I trained myself in

Preparing the wish list

And you stole my thunder

But I can tell you this

My thank you is

Full of smileys

My wish list

Was one long face