Monday, April 14, 2008


I have been coming to you

For twenty years now

It is interesting

Our conversation has not changed

A word in

All these years

Especially when

What binds us are


I am grateful you made

All the exceptions

With me

I was so sad

When I first came to you

To say good bye

And you said

Wherever you are

I will send you the books

Don’t feel sad

I cheered up

But I wasn’t sure

How long it was tenable

but you delighted me

On all those strange shores,

Your books traveled with me

Don’t know who said

‘those who read are never lonely’

He should be canonized

Sometimes I tell you

Sorry I have picked up

Too many books

And your only answer has been

Buy a bigger car

I will gladly fill it up

I know it’s your


But the difference you have made

In all our lives

Has taken out

The humdrum

People who love books

Can’t be ordinary

Do me one more favour

Just make sure

You go after me