Thursday, April 3, 2008


If only I was twenty years younger

On the threshold of a new career

Confidence in my demeanor

Spring in my step

Answers on my lip

Nothing is impossible

Every peak that can be scaled

Should be scaled

Challenges to be sought after

Bland is blasé

If only I could have

Started my career now

In India

This is the best time to be an Indian

Working in India

The rest of the world is watching us

Every move

With bated breath

If only i was twenty years younger

But since I am not

And since mind manipulates

I console myself

When India starts really to happen

The traction builds

And Hillary’s hysteria about not letting

A single job go out of US subsides

When India starts to cause tremors

Many of the people making it happen will be my students

And I will partake in the legacy

This moment in history

Will be mine

And I will tell all of them

You taught me to under-write my dream

It was zero-risk