Wednesday, April 23, 2008

moving on

One skill

I have acquired over the years

Is to move house

With minimum


And fuss

Beautifully orchestrated

I would have called it


If it wasn’t so


In the proverbial

Blink of the eye

We have grown roots

In the new home

People are surprised

They ask

you just moved


How come

No unopened boxes

Lying around

no telltale debris

Straw strewn

Did you make

The furniture

Specially for this house

Oh but I love your drapes

They hang so well here

And we say no

The place is new

But these are our


to make any place

our home

they fit


we have become experts

at creating this illusion


home is

where we are

I love moving house


I shed all the useless


My thumb rule is

If I have not used

For six months

I can live without it

So like Alice

I will say

‘off with it’

Although I never

Intended it

This has become

A metaphor

In my life too

Moving house

Has made me

Adept at

moving on