Monday, September 26, 2011

Mystic connections !

Auto Khali hai ?
Haan, Khali hai.
I want to go to jayanagar.
Sorry, I'm not going there.
I didn't ask you where you are going. I told you where I want to go.
But I'm not going there.
Why? Do you have a board that says where you're going ?
No. I'm not going there.
But your job is to go where I want to go, not the other way.
I'm not going there.
Not even if I pay you extra ?
One and a half times on the meter.
Why do you want extra ?
Because I won't get a passenger on my return.
How do you know ?
Because I know that area well.
Ok I will pay extra, take me there.
(Fifteen minutes later )
Why are you turning left ?
Didn't you say you want to go to jayanagar ?
Yes I did, but you have to turn right.
Oh ok, I'm not very familiar this side.
But you told me you know this area well?
I have forgotten.
(Ten minutes later )
You can stop here.
(As soon as auto stopped, another passenger climbed into the auto )
I will not pay you one and a half times the meter.
Why not? That's what we agreed on.
Yes that's because you said you won't get a return passenger. Now you have.
What is the connection ?
I don't know. You figure it out.