Monday, May 14, 2012

conversation between rain and a woman in denial

My job is to pour
It is not
To check if
You have an umbrella
I might be
Able to hold out
A bit
But not
Not pour
You’re being unreasonable
In scolding me
For doing
My job
You’re merciless
Hiding behind
Pompous pourer
That you are
Don’t you know
We are all connected
Your action
Necessitates an action in me
Never mind it is equal
In intensity
Opposite in intent
Why are you taking
The moral high ground
I didn’t ask you
To wear your
Most expensive stilettos
Or to get your hair
Or to not carry an umbrella
Oh no you didn’t
Why would you
Your job was to pour
And god forbid
Anyone who
Stops you from it
What are you bugged about?
That you look like
Something kitty brought in
On a  rainy day
(sorry pun intended)
Or that he dumped you
Without as much as
By your leave
Don’t you dare
drag him into this
He’s any day better
than you
sure he doesn’t pour
he only
turns tail
did you see
him seeing you
get out of
your car
no he never turned up
he has a lousy boss
must have held him up
did he tell you that
no he must be still with him
he will call when that satan lets him
have you called him
yes, I hate his ringtone
I wore stilettos
because he likes them
I wore a white dress
Because he likes it
But did you see the girl with him
She wore stilettos too
White dress too
But she wasn’t me, right
No I poured
So you could
See him clearly.