Monday, September 26, 2011

No gainsaying!

Do you want to go to Danish's house ?
Do you want to go for a drive ?
Not really.
Should I get a DVD ?
There is nothing that I want to watch.
Shall we go for a walk ?
It looks like it will rain.
Feel like eating bhelpuri ?
I'm still stuffed from lunch.
Want to play Scrabble ?
What's the point? You lose miserably every time.
Let's make love ?
It's always when you want to,  isn't it ?
You have never told me till date when you want to .
What's the point ?
Meaning ?
No I want to know what you meant.
Nothing. Let's go for a walk.
When I asked you you said it was about to rain.
But it hasn't so far.
Wait, tell me what you meant.
Nothing. Let's go to Danish's house.
But you don't like his wife.
I don't like him either.
Then why do you want to go ?
Who said I do only things I like ?
Are you saying you don't like it when we make love ?
When did I say that ?
Is that what you're implying ?
Don't put words in my mouth.
What are we arguing about ?
I don't know..
Why don't you know ?
Why should I ?
One of us should.
Knowing is different from telling.
Are you saying you know but you won't tell ?
Tell what ?
I don't know. And I don't want to know.