Sunday, May 4, 2008

dog lessons

of late

we have been having

the most delightful

sunday mornings

we have doggie conference

we have our own mocha

and there are

joey and


mocha is our

six-month old lab

and joey and ceasar

are about two months old

since she is almost a generation older

Mocha tries to behave her age

her resignation

is misconstrued as


so joey snaps at her

polishes off her bowl

barks his head off

if you think

barking dogs don’t bite

joey is quick

to disabuse you

of that notion

his teeth are

as powerful as

his vocal cords

he is pint-sized to

her two feet

but he is a follower

of schumpeter

thinks small is


like all parents

we were always

quick to notice

Mocha’s faults

now thanks to Joey

we have learnt to

count our blessings