Sunday, May 4, 2008

corner shop

i am amused at

your description

that i am like this

corner shop


fixes puncture

sends a plumber

shows houses for rent

has an STD booth

supplies milk

and takes in

old newspaper

i do so many

different things

that require

different skill-sets

lines between home

and work

have blurred


is the common


and like the

corner shop

my earnings

are all so


cheque for

book review

payment for

setting question paper

cash for

radio jockeying

compensation for


adjunct in one

visiting in another

week-end somewhere else

a fifteen year old company

wants help

re-writing its vision

a new idea

needs help in

building biz around it

learning music


so much on my platter

seemingly unconnected

yet i derive

untold value

from every one of them

diversity has become

the defining factor of

my life