Monday, July 7, 2008


The little boy said

I like having pets

Mama says I can

When I’m big

Till then I have

A new pet


A butterfly

Sometimes even an ant


A bird

This time

The floor tile


On his way

To the pool

And he found

Two puzzled


Blinking at

The unexpected sunlight

And he looked

At the mouse

And all he saw was mickey

He put his hand out

To welcome his new pet

And the mouse

Bit his finger

Before scurrying away

Leaving a screaming little boy

And a motley

Group of

Panic stricken children

Who couldn’t decide


The little boy was a hero

Or plain dumb

Five painful injections later

Someone said to him

Now you have learnt a lesson

Don’t ever have a mouse

For a pet

And the little boy said

Don’t blame the mouse

I never told him he was my pet