Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It is a travesty

Of the human psyche

When we are young

We are in tremendous hurry

To be grown-ups



That is a promised land

Untold freedom

No questions asked

No curfew

Just the overwhelming


Of yourself

When we grow old

We desperately want

To be young


That is la la land

We inject the wrinkles

Off our skin

We paint

Our bedraggled

Strands of hair

Coaxing them

Not to reveal

Their true colors

We prop all things

That are befriending gravity


And when people say

You don’t look your age

we bite our tongue down to

Throttle the


That’s raring to

Get vocal

Why cant we


What we are

At that point in time

I remember

A young friend's wisdom

When our dog was

a few days old

she said

enjoy her ‘pup’ stage

you will never get it back

don’t be in a hurry

for her

to grow up

that’s how she will be

for the rest of her life

as a pup on the other hand

is a very small window

savor every minute

if only we knew

victories in life

are when you flow

with the tide

swimming against

is over-rated